lingam massage
  • 1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
  • 2. Penis massage starting with light touches and transforming into oil massage.
  • 3. The masseuse is naked all the time.
  • 4. You can touch the whole body.
  • 5. Intimate zone massage including balls massage by hands with happy ending. The number of orgasms during a massage is not limited.
30 min1700 Kč71 €
60 min2200 Kč92 €
90 min3200 Kč134 €
120 min4200 Kč175 €

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Want to try a lingam massage? It is a massage you will never forget! The pleasure you have never received before. You will lie on your back and from beginning a masseuse will focus on your intimate parts, get you to the top of the pleasure. The number of climaxes is not limited, so get ready for a good portion!

Seductive and handsome girl, we have lots of them. Each of them controls the techniques that are performed by the the penis massage. Don't hesitate and come!

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